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From a single course to a global learning solution, we can help transform your people and organisation to gain real, lasting benefits.


Maximum Reach with Global Accreditations & Affliations
Over the course of 8 years, we have rapidly expanded to acquire the accreditation of top notch Certification Governing Bodies in all areas we cover. Our programs are 100% valid across the entire globe


We strive to ensure all training and consultancy services rendered are as close to the real world scenarios & applications. We constantly customize certifications via workshops that meet client requirements for maximum reliability, reusability & applicability.


Maximize time flexibility with eColfre new virtual classroom.
Allow one to attend class anytime anywhere and select your preferred exam date to make sure that you are well prepared.  

Our Business: Expert Training & Consultancy

eColfre is a private limited company incorporated in Malaysia with affiliated offices located throughout Asia. We specialize specifically in IT Service Management (ITSM) while offering other Best Management Practice courses associated with IT Service Management as complimentary guidance.

Our successful track record spans over decades working with the Public and Private sectors alike from all areas of industry. Our mission at eColfre is to provide our customers with best training and consulting services on ITSM to attain the highest quality service at the best value for money.

eColfre is proud to have its forte in ITSM where we do not focus on diverse product that may dilute our resource expertise. Our trainers and consultants each have more than decades of experience in the IT profession and ITSM, many of which were served as managers, directors, or senior executives in one or more Enterprise IT/MNC organizations.

We believe in putting the practitioners experience in delivering our training and consulting solutions. This is done with facilitation rather than pure instruct base for training. We distinguished ourselves from our competitors with pride in delivering superior quality of service through open competition. Strive to provide the highest quality ITSM consulting and training products that help the service management professional, and service provider organizations to achieve service excellence is our aspiration.

Our primary focus is to fully enable the potential of other service management professionals by knowledge transfer, and to realize the true and full benefit of their service management strategies, initiatives and projects through targeting specific, desired results. The end goal of our services is the empowerment of our clients to continue with their service management operations with cost effective training solution. As our motto speaks with these – “We empower you to Excel” !

Our History: Our evolution from way back in the 1980s 

Tracing back eColfre company history of evolution back from 1986 when it all started as Colfre Consultants a Partnership company. In 1912 it was evolved through partial Management Buy Out (MBO) and incorporated as private limited company known as eColfre Training and Consultancy (till now) as enhancement to our services. This evolution and enhancement is to help empowering our our customer to grow and excel. The prefix of e in eColfre's name denotes - evolution, enhancement, excel, and empowerment to reflect our passion to help customers to achieve excellency. 

Our involvement in ITSM with its decades of experience of its resources started way back in the1980s even before the term ITIL was created.

Just on ITIL one of ITSM service development alongside us. There is no v1 of ITIL. The term ITIL (known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library formally) was formed as a collection of books and publications recommended on IT good practices aggregate to form ITIL v2 (started progressively from 2001 till 2006). During this period in 2005, the ISO20000 was developed (revised in 2011 and 2018). ITIL v3 was initially created in 2007 (2007 version) with 5 publications and later elevate in 2011 to ITIL v3 (2011 version). ITIL4 (Without the v which denotes version) was introduced in early 2019.

Our vision: To deliver training the way it should be 

Quite simply our aim is to provide our customers with training and consultancy - the way it should be. eColfre courses are delivered by our team of experienced trainers either onsite at your premises, or at one of our dedicated training venues offering first-rate service and facilities, all at an affordable rate.

We structure our courses carefully to give your delegates the right balance of theory to get through the exam, and practical understanding to implement in the workplace. This has shown to achieve outstanding results and is reflected in our exceptional pass rates.

With eColfre you can continue to work with the trainer that delivered your course to embed best practice within your organisation and overcome the operational setbacks that cannot be learnt from a handbook. From initial assessment through to continuous improvement programmes our consultancy services can save years in time and money spent developing processes and practices.

Our approach: To maximise your investment 

At eColfre we understand the need to maximize and account for the return on your training budget, and we offer simple ways for you to achieve this. 

Our “Take2 Plus” scheme subscription option is the most cost-effective route to certification on any of our accredited courses. If a delegate is unfortunate not to pass their exam first time around, they can re-take the course without having to pay for any further training or exam. In addition, our ‘Skills Protection’ scheme promise safeguards your commitment – if a qualified employee leaves within 12 months of their eColfre course, you can re-train their replacement at a special reduced rate.

Our service: Beyond the usual training experience 

eColfre has been delivering training courses for over decades and as a result have been able to develop effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers focusing on their specific development strategies and the individual needs of their employees.

Our aim is to understand both your values and the needs of your business. Your represented Workforce and Talent Management Executive can collaborate with our Professional Talent Development Consultants to develop the most effective program for your organization. Whether it is an on-site in-house class, public schedule classes, courseware licensing, or a bespoke on non-examination course we have the solution. 

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